Rite-Tek LF 550 Digital Air Fryer


Intelligent Air Fryer



1700 watts
Air frying technology
Healthy cooking
Safety lid lock
Fry function
Bake function
Roast function
Temperature control
Little or no oil required


Rite-Tek LF 550 Digital Air Fryer with Rapid Air Circulation Technology will be your new kitchen assistant making 80% fat free cooking possible and ensuring you utilizes its smartness.

Cooking deliciously is not enough anymore, healthy cooking is the new life hack! This Air Fryer can Fry fish, chicken, meat or potatoes easily, using its smart function options.

Fry fish, chicken, meat or potatoes with this quick and easy Rite-Tek LF 550 Digital Air Fryer in a jiffy using Healthy cooking, Safe lid lock, Fry function, Bake function, Roast function, Temperature control, Little or no oil required.

This Air fryer comes with High speed air circulation technology for a perfect result, always. For use without oil, it gives you a result which contains 80% less fat, Best tasting and delicious chips, snacks and meals, health-wise.


  • It produces less smell and is easy to clean!
  • A High speed air circulation technology
  • Do all frying without oil.
  • Enjoy cholesterol-free fried foods.
  • Enjoy crispy, healthier oil-free frying.
  • Comes with digital screen touch display.
  • Your newest kitchen assistant.
  • It is Smart.

About this item

  • Oil-free cooking is fried in a healthier way-with an air fryer, you can enjoy the same deep-fried and crispy foods with less fat and healthier convenience.
  • 360-degree high-speed air thermal circulation, allowing air to replace hot oil, healthier without frying.
  • During the cooking process, the pot can be pulled out at any time to turn over the food.
  • Smart keys control working time, adjust temperature, easy to operate, easily respond to different ingredients.
  • The perfect health gift for fathers, mothers, family and friends who love food. Slim footprint fits your kitchen countertop and saves space.



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