Tasly Miss Bee Propolis and Water Lily Pollen Capsule


Natural Propolis & Water Lily Pollen

3 capsules PO bid

500mg x 30 capsules

1.Long-term use makes your skin fair, soft, smooth, elastic and glossy
2.Regulate endocrine secretion
3.Keep you slim


Propolis and Water Lily Pollen capsule combine the natural Propolis and bee pollen successfully, thus producing a combined effect. As the most natural products found on earth, Propolis and bee pollen has a long history of healing. Propolis and Pollen capsule is effective for regulating body endocrine system and improving skin blood supply. It also strengthens the activity and metabolism of the skin. In addition, it is also helpful to prevent skin pigmentation and resist skin cancer. For males, it prevents hypertrophy of the prostrate as well. It also could protect liver from anemia and diabetes.

Propolis and Pollen capsule consist of best selected high quality Pollen and natural Propolis. People having endocrine imbalance can benefit from it.


Don’t use for infants, pregnant or breast-feeding women and hypersensitive people.

Does Propolis and Water Lily Pollen have any cosmetic effect?
Common beauty and cosmetic products merely work at a superficial level. Prop & Glossary, however, regulates endocrine secretion, balance organic functions, and acts on the skin from inside the body to activate epidermal cells, promote skin metabolism, remove or relieve pigments and wrinkles, prevent skin aging and roughness, and cause the skin to be soft, tender, smooth, glossy and elastic.


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