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Tong Luo Capsule is a traditional Chinese medicine which consists of herbs and insects. Traditionally it has been thought to have clinical benefits for patients with angina, including the reduction of the occurrence of acute myocardial infarction (AMI), and complications of some types of heart surgery.

It has been suggested that a possible benefit in reducing the frequency and severity of angina attacks and improving symptoms is possible, however, it is yet to be reviewed systematically.

The review authors systematically reviewed evidence from 18 randomised controlled trials for the benefit of this Capsule with or without other treatments, including routine care or placebo, for patients with unstable angina. All the trials were conducted in China. The total number of participants was 1413, ranging in age from 25 to 88 years. Most studies randomised patients to receive Tong Luo Capsule with conventional medication or conventional medications alone.


There are evidence that it improved the electrocardiogram (ECG) changes indicating ischaemia and some improvement in angina symptoms.

Kasly Tong Luo Capsule appeared to be as effective as isosorbide mononitrate. There are firm conclusions about the benefit of this treatment. Large, high quality trials are needed to confirm the appropriate future use of this herbal medicine.

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