Tasly Cordyceps Capsule

Tasly Cordyceps Capsule is extracted from oddly shaped mushroom which grows natively in China and all around the Tibetan area.

For years cordyceps was thought to be a living worm rather than a mushroom and was nicknamed the caterpillar fungus as it is seen growing on the sides of trees. It is actually a fungal spore that kills insects such as caterpillars and moths and feeds off their tissues.

This Capsule was made to ease the complications involved around the Cordyceps mushroom in relation to old Chinese medical books from ancient times found in Tibetan medicine.


2 capsules PO bid Take at meals


500mg × 60 capsules

Tasly Cordyceps Capsule Agora Marketplace

According to these traditional Tibetan healers, Cordyceps has continually improved people’s energy, sleep habits, digestion, stamina, libido and endurance.


Popularity in the western world has since been spreading when the coach of the record breaking Chinese female runners credited it with the teams extraordinary success.

Today, Tasly Kasly Pharmaceuticals as well as many other researchers still believe it to be one of the most powerful performance and longevity promoting herbs.

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Descriptions of Tasly Cordyceps Capsule:

Tasly Cordyceps Capsule includes many kinds of active ingredients like Amino acids, Polysaccharide, cordycepin, cordycepic acid, ergosterol, adenosine, SOD and trace elements.

This product comes from totally natural resource which has immunoregulatory function with no hormones or other stimulants. It is effective for Respiratory and cardiovascular patients.

It can also successfully assist in the treatment of hepatitis and liver cirrhosis. Helpful for cancer patients and for those easily fatigued.

Functions of Tasly Cordyceps Capsule:

  • Improve the respiratory system
  • Improving kidney function
  • Improving the function of sexuality
  • Enhance immune system and strengthens the immune system

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